Real de Catorce, MX


"Esoterically movement is the most primal act of existence. Without this simple thing, there would be no universe, no us, no experience, nothing. Light is movement...God is movement. Also dance alone is the only creative act in which there is a perfect oneness of the creator and his creation. Unlike a painting, a poem, an invention or any other artistic impulse, when the dance is over there is no product, no thing to save and enjoy. As with life, we may enjoy. As with life, we may perceive the dance, never possess it. One cannot separate the dancer from dancing, just as one cannot separate God from the world or ourselves. Of special meaning is the place where Siva dances: in the 'chitsatha', the hall of consciousness. In other words it [the divine play of God] happens with in each of us."

~Dancing with Siva, xix

I highly recommend a visit to Real de Catorce when in Mexico. It's a beautiful, mystical place...

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