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A while back I posted a recipe for the highly popular turmeric milk. Nonetheless, dare I say, I might have found something that tops it. Homemade turmeric tea! I am in love, love, love with this drink! It is quickly becoming my favorite hot drink of all time - move over coffee. Bold statement, I know.

I've already posted the long list of turmeric's benefits and making it as part of one's regular routine will no doubt do the body good. One benefit I have noticed right away is the clarity and quality of my skin. It does the job. Again, for those that are experiencing joint pain or minor muscle aches, turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help in the healing process, naturally. Solid gold.

The good thing is this recipe is simple and easy. Two words I undoubtedly like to hear. Here are the quick and dirty details adapted from one of my favorite healthy cooking blogs, 101 Cookbooks.


1/3 Cup Raw Honey
2 1/2 - 3 Teaspoons of Turmeric
A dash of Black Pepper or Cayenne Pepper

Optional Additions
Fresh Ginger

Mix the honey and turmeric together forming a thick paste. It will make enough for multiple uses so whatever is extra can be stored in the refrigerator.

For each serving place a heaping teaspoon (sometimes I go for a little extra) in a cup. Pour hot water (not boiling hot) into the cup and stir, dissolving all of the turmeric paste. Then, squeeze half a lemon into the cup adding a few dashes of black pepper, or my personal favorite, cayenne pepper. The turmeric and spices have a tendency to settle to the bottom so it is a good idea to have a spoon on hand to stir the tea occasionally. For added benefit, I like to add grated fresh ginger to my tea or you could also add cardamom or even cinnamon depending on your taste.

FYI. Just a little side note in regards to the effectiveness of turmeric is it's a good idea to add black pepper in that it increases it's potency making the compound curcumin found in turmeric more bioavailable. No worries, it actually complements the tea quite well. 

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the post, I'll try this. I just wanted to say that according to ayurveda, honey should never be heated above 40 C, this destroys the honey. Always allow the water/tea to cool down to a drinkable temperature before adding honey to it, this way the beneficial properties are kept. Here are two links that address this issue;


Most people don't know this. Maybe some don't believe it and maybe some don't care. But as someone believing in the wisdom of ayurveda, I think it is worth taking into consideration.

With Peace

BlackDog said...

I always mix tumeric & honey when I'm sick, but never thought of it as my drink of choice. Just returned from walking Nils and was feeling a sore throat coming on, so I grated some fresh ginger and mixed it up... the white ceramic mug might not recover, but it's delicious. Thanks dear! AM

Unknown said...

I read Heidi's blog also! and saw this tea..I have pain in my hands from practice and just made it. I am opening in Spa Resort on waterfront in Buffalo, NY and want to bring in visiting teachers from all over the world. I hope some day you will be able to come.

Unknown said...

Great way to consume turmeric as tea. Recently I came across an article that turmeric combats cancer. so I thank you for sharing the best way of consuming turmeric in raw form other than adding it while cooking. And for summer, it will be amusing to drink iced turmeric tea.
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