Ashtanga Yoga Demo Video Filmed in Mysore, India


I had the pleasure of shooting this video during my two month trip to Mysore, India with videographer, Alessandro Sigismondi. We had such a good time and gathered so much material we made four separate videos. I'll be posting the others later. Looking back, this was such a fun experience not necessarily for the end product but for the process it took. There were a few laughs and moments I will never forget. It was an act of creation and expression of the beautiful unfoldment Ashtanga yoga reveals after many years of sustained practice. Through it all it represents my love and honor for this transformative method and the gratitude I am reminded of every day I step on to my mat. I also thank all of you who have followed me through the years on this blog. It is hard to believe already 7 years have passed since its inception. Thank you, thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Laruga! I have been visiting your blog since I had discovered a week ago. It is incredible how yoga can change our minds, body... This is the video I like the most, can you tell me the name of the song, the author? It´s very inspyring!!! Congratulations

peaceloveyoga said...

The name of the song is "Ardor" by Dexter Britian


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