I love this photo, taken in India, reminiscent of all the mischievous children (in a good way) you meet there. I wish I could get away with some mischief. It's just not as cute as an adult, lol. For more incredible photos click here.

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Ahu said...

wow, beautiful photo!
good luck with Swedish :) I was told by the astrologist in Mysore that I will be learning a tropical language (?) I donnu what that means... For sure, learning a new language is challenging but I am also sure you will manage well! xo

peaceloveyoga said...

Yeah ... I'm trying to connect the steps taken in yoga practice over to the language thing. You know, taking it step by step ... However, some days I wish I could just learn it all already! LOL.

Tropical language ... hmmmmm, so many possibilities.


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