"When they give money to the poor, they call it a handout. When they give money to the rich, they call it a subsidy."

After reaching my 1000th post I've felt even more compelled to continue on with my blog. Writing deeper into personal experience. Possibly exhibiting more candor this go around. Of course, there will always be a platform in regards to yoga practice and philosophy. It's such a big part of my life. However it is not my entire my life. Yoga helps me in access my authenticity, and what I do from there, is open season. But also, I guess you can say there is really no separation with it all. We can easily live in yoga without having to say a word about it. Something I am truly beginning to recognize. I do my practice in the morning and I live. As simple as that. In my living, is where the yoga begins. It's more than attending the right workshops, having the most fashionable yoga clothing and whatever else. Though I enjoy all those things. Living in union. Connecting to the moments around us is where yoga germinates and grows.

In many ways I am in a place of starting over. I've been here maybe one too many times. I feel as if I'm always starting from the beginning. With interests heading into new directions all the while delving deeper into directions already taken. I'm not even sure what will come of it. I guess it doesn't matter as long as I enjoy the discovery of learning something new. Of entering new territory. Ultimately, reaching into parts of myself untapped. Part of me will always be that quiet, reflective girl simmering in the background, however life has shown me time and time again I'm not supposed to be too comfortable in the background. In fact, it isn't where I am supposed be at all. Why is that? Well, it comes down to fate and where the energy guides me. To resist now would be a silly thing to do.

Part of starting over is living in a new country with a new language to learn, and all it comes with. Before going in I was excited regarding the endeavor. I mean, c'mon, there's something stimulating when entering into something new. Sometimes feeling a bit manic, with all the highs and experiences facing a new adventure. Then, things start to settle and it's time to do the work. Those I've talked to, who have moved here from another country warned me it wouldn't be easy, and yes they were right. It isn't  easy. I've had bouts of feeling isolated, having very little outlets for friendships to develop. However, all that is beginning to change. It takes time, and in Sweden it really takes time, and that's okay. When I sign up for something, people might be surprised at my longevity. That's what happens when you simmer, everything gets cooked just right.

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Tiffany said...

Your comment link now says, "insightful comments," but I fear this comment is just a comment.

I know what you mean about always feeling like you're starting over. Sometimes, I grasp at a moment because it feels so good. For example, I enjoy my Monday and Wednesday classes. The last hours for both days, I linger too long, enjoying, dreading Tuesday and Thursday. So, I suppose, each day I have to start over with my attitude - it's frustrating really. I wish I could wake up each day and appreciate each moment for it being new and fresh. However, the patterns and locked mentality so easily suck me in.

Finding fresh new moments, this is what this is all about. So, it's good when you feel like you're starting over again, because there's some new blank page left to be written.

What in the world was all that I just babbled???

I gotta get to work now. Tuesday classes, here we come...

peaceloveyoga said...

All your comments are insightful! C'mon now! :)

I enjoy what you say and resonate with it, it is much MORE than babble.



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