In the Stock


In the Stock.
David Robson and David Fredriksson.

I've been unbelievably behind on my blog posting over the past several months. I really miss it. I miss the process of writing something, checking in. David and I have had the pleasure of having friends come through Stockholm.  It doesn't seem to be too far out of the way for those we've met and developed relationships with during our stays in Mysore, India. We are lucky indeed!

Yogayama hosted David Robson for a full weekend of Ashtanga yoga. It was a pleasure. His sincerity, and reverence toward the practice really shines through in his teaching. It's lovely to be around those who continue to trust the process while guiding students in a selfless manner. I've been around a long list of teachers and would not hesitate in recommending David Robson. There are truly special teachers out there who may not be portrayed in every media outlet available, who steadily, and quietly move forward on the path of yoga, unflinching, bringing with them an endless amount of wisdom, and experience not to be missed.

We love Stan Byrne's blog, Miss Stan! I've mentioned it before. It's wonderful hearing the perspective of a woman practicing Ashtanga yoga while balancing life as a new mother, and work. David and Stan make a wonderful team. Oh! We can't forget Holden Owl, their son, he's the absolute cutest.

I only wish we would have had better weather during their stay. Unfortunately it was cold, cloudy and rainy. Typical autumn fare here, although we do get beautiful sunny days, as well.

Here's to good friends in the beautiful backdrop of Stockholm, even when the weather decides not to cooperate.

To learn more about the vibrant yoga scene in Toronto visit, and for Stan's blog visit,

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