Eternal Flame


"A yogi whose mind is controlled and focused in yoga is like an unflickering lamp in a windless place."   -The Bhagavad Gita -6:19 

The more I read up on philosophy, not necessarily always yoga philosophy, I find it fascinating when connecting to the underlying truth that uncovers various perspectives. There is a thread that connects them all. That in itself, is a truth. Whether reading about Indian saints and masters, or modern mystics, a pull was present beyond this reality. The fire within burned bright while desiring intimacy with it. This draw, this pull, is where lately, I have been looking towards with eyes wide open interest.

It touches me. As soon as I reach for it, it seems to escape. It is so close, yet so far at the same time. I don't want to have to be brought down to my knees to be drawn into this place. Meaning, turning inward only through tragedy, and/or depression, or even loss. Why is it when times are good we can often forget? I don't want to forget, but I do. But then I don't. I remember from little things like a smile from a stranger, or a sunset.

It seems to lie in the art of living. Of embracing all life has to offer. It is easy to forget that what is right in front of my face, I can go to for learning. Not always does it mean taking exotic trips to India and beyond. Who we are, we take with us. What needs to be learned, unfolds right before our eyes at every turn.

The internal landscape, tread during practice, doesn't always take me to illustrious places. Sometimes it can be dark in there. Can I look? As I shift through the unnecessary, the realization is that it takes too much energy to be something other than what needs to emerge. Can I trust it? The continual process of daily practice has lead me here. To trust even if a part of me kicks and screams not too. The gentleness of this place seems to always win out over the forceful wrath of the other. Interesting. We all have two energies within us - at different degrees at different times. Through the practice, I can find the eye within the storm. The middle way. 

The flame always continues to burn. It can't diminish. Through daily practice I can increase it's intensity by the steadiness of focus. Once ignited there is no turning back . . .

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