The ancient intuition that all matter, all “reality,” is energy, that all phenomena, including time and space, are mere crystallizations of mind, is an idea with which few physicists have quarreled since the theory of relativity first called into question the separate identities of energy and matter. Today most scientists would agree with the ancient Hindus that nothing exists or is destroyed, things merely change shape or form; that matter is insubstantial in origin, a temporary aggregate of he pervasive energy that animates the electron.
Peter Matthiessen

A week into my trip I was asked to assist the first shift of Mysore classes. Point being, it's crowded here, extra hands are needed, rounds of authorized teachers are being asked. This is not a status thing, and at the same time, I am honored to participate. If my teacher asks, I say yes.

Being in the room, observing people of various age groups, nationalities, body types, backgrounds, and personalities, breathe and move through this transformational practice is an amazing sight. It is literally one of the most beautiful images I have set my eyes on. I don't exaggerate. It again validates why I do what I do, and how integral it has woven into my day to day life. I live better doing this practice. I feel more profoundly. At first it was a challenge to live with this heightened sensitivity.  However, the more I have honored and trusted this space created, it has strengthened over time. I am able to connect to my higher wisdom. To experience it. To taste it. And, it never comes from a cerebral place. It lies deep down in my gut and into the chambers of my heart. A knowing. A pulsation.

This pulsation reverberates throughout the shala like a rhythmic heartbeat. Sometimes slow and steady. Other times fast and sharp. It's always a continuous march. As the hours progress a steam starts to rise. Much transformation happens here. Sometimes I get lost in it. More often I feel at home. 

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Anonymous said...

You must feel so honored, Laruga! Congratulations!

peaceloveyoga said...

Feeling much gratitude to have the opportunity to practice here. :)


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