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I haven't really made a habit of promoting products on my blog, so when I do, it has to be something I  am pretty much in to, or strikes my fancy. I recently came across the shoe company Ahnu, which means the goddess of balance in Celtic mythology.  Struck by their sense of social and ethical responsibility, as well as, making really great shoes, I simply had to try out a pair. Funny thing is, it isn't really the weather for the sandals I went with. No matter, they're perfect for trips to India, and for as soon as the weather turns. Dreaming of Spring! I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Ahnu, has this really great concept of profit and philanthropy, giving over $250,000 to various charities since 2007. They not only give generously, but also, adhere to strict ethical supply chain guidelines. If this is something that holds weight for you, then when in the market for your next pair of shoes maybe give Ahnu a try.  I love hearing about companies making great things, and in turn, doing great things too.

 Of course I went with a black pair, haha. I'm not afraid of color, but for some odd reason it has been my color of choice since moving to Sweden.

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Anonymous said...

i wouldn't say the use of leather is adhering to strict ethical guidelines. sure, you can argue that it's better than wasting the skin of an animal, but it still contributes to the selfish and needless death of a being capable of being loved and feeling it in return.

peaceloveyoga said...

By all means, give me a list of shoe companies who you feel engage in better practices. Stand for what you believe, ANONYMOUS. There are companies who are doing the best they can. I feel they are doing good things and taking steps in the right direction. It's interesting how easy it is to find fault in others without offering solutions or options. Thank you.

Anonymous said...




i think animal rights are inextricably linked with human rights, and the health of the planet. as consumers we must make careful choices with every single purchase, and i applaud you for being mindful. i offer some options, and realize that they are not without their own faults. i want to also say how hard it is to distinguish which companies are merely engaging in ethics to further capitalize, and even though they may be well within the bounds of the law, the law can still be very fucked up. i will stop here before i go off on many other tangents.


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