From a relativistic subjective perspective, truth is but a resting place until the next revelation. The deeper truth itself is not relativistic. It is absolute. Yet within the absolute truth there are subjective, objective, intersubjective and interobjective perceptions of it. The bottom line is: “Know thyself     - Valdimir Gvozden

So it takes a while to get back into the swing after India. I still have a bit of recapping to do in regards to my trip. In other words, it's still seeping in. I find this very true. Often there is a time period of integration. It doesn't happen overnight. I'm back into the cold. Winter can be bliss. Hahaha. This is what I tell myself to get me through. Really, it isn't so bad. We have snow. We have more light. I love being back to teaching. I missed all of the students. I felt like I was away for a century! They were left in good hands though. A good thing. The pic above gives me warm memories, which makes the chill not sting so bad. I'll be back with more. 

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