Steady Practice


"You should not be practicing to have a “good” practice, but instead to keep steadiness within yourself. Practice happily regardless of whether it is “good” or not. Sometimes some postures will not be possible, but when you accept the good and the bad and everything becomes equal for you, that is yoga."   
(R. Sharath Jois)

The above quote by R. Sharath Jois has been floating around lately and I thought I would share it as well. I can't express enough how important his words are. Remembering that it's the attributes and strength of character we bring to our mats that carry more weight versus how we perform and execute each asana. Obviously, it doesn't mean we don't still study and learn to more deeply inhabit the postures we practice, but going deep doesn't always mean being as flat as a pancake or as light as a feather. Everything equal. Embracing it all. Even in the mist of heaviness, ache, and stiffness. 

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Sue Ellen Reyes said...

Love, love, love this quote!


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