A Land of Contrasts {Iceland Weather}


Oh my. When researching Iceland before my arrival I had read how quickly the weather changes. I didn't really fall for it, because I've heard the same thing about other places. Heck, I've heard that about Columbus, Ohio, and even Sweden. Nope, those two don't come close to the schizophrenic nature of Iceland. OMG!

From the time I awoke till about noon it had rained and become sunny in a cycle of about five to six times, with bursts of wind mixed in. Later, there was a bit of snow sighted. Sun came out again. Then sleet. The fiercest burst of sleet I've ever encountered. It was coming in sideways, and felt like rocks pelting me in the face. Ummmm, yeah. Not the best feeling in the world, lol. I relented to walking backwards. Ha! Then sunny again! As if nothing ever happened! I was told with the changing of seasons the weather is a bit more neurotic. Should be settling soon. Now I know I have to be ready for anything. With all this, I don't get how the Icelanders can STILL be so chic and stylish. A mystery.

I encountered my first Icelandic pool experience. A huge part of the culture. Deals and acquisitions are even made over a dip in a hot pot. The majority of pools are outdoors. Yes outdoors, even with all the elements. That's the beauty of it. You start in the slightly heated pool then work your way up in temperature moving into warmer and warmer hot pots (or hot tubs). There's a steam room too.

The mixture of sitting in a geothermal pool, filled with spring water, and fresh air is intoxicating, and brings with it an abundance of health benefits. No wonder Icelanders have one of the highest life expectancies in the world. They don't live without taking a dip, regularly.

I'll be adding it into my regular routine! My skin glowed, and I felt completely relaxed. Ahhhhh. The perfect remedy for challenging yoga practices.

 Iceland. A contrast of hot and cold. Makes for interesting synergy.

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Grimmly said...

Sounds like England, you don't like the weather...wait a minute.

peaceloveyoga said...

Ha! Yeah, I guess England is right in the pathway of the same jet stream as Iceland's ... Then when the jet stream hits the Arctic air things get a bit hairy ...

I guess you're used to it Grimmly!


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