Long Days {Short Nights}


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

(Leonardo da Vinci)

Last Thursday, the Icelandic national holiday, the First day of Summer (sumardagurinn fyrsti), marks the day where the country is graced with more daylight than nighttime. Obviously, not the official first day of summer, but you get the point.  Kinda cool, eh?

The pace at which daylight comes in is staggering, and something I'm getting used to. Here for over two weeks we've already gained about an hour of daylight. Though I've tasted long days in Stockholm, the pace of the transition is a bit quicker in Iceland. I'd have to travel farther north in Sweden to experience the midnight sun.

The unique beauty and energy of Iceland is captivating. Stunning. Beautiful. There's an energetic component that has taken me by surprise. In the news, much fascination extends toward the volcano eruption. Which you can imagine affirms the energy circulating around these parts. I can't help be absolutely entranced by the magnificent beauty and dynamic intensity of a country such as this. Not necessarily wildlife, but with the forces of the very Earth itself.

It's times like this I feel small and insignificant in comparison to the awesomeness of the world. It's a humble feeling, rightfully so, and in turn, a feeling of gratitude to co-exist with it.
With my time alone I contemplate the importance of balancing the forces within myself. I've had the chance to marvel how well the natural environment unfolds beautifully. With patience. The more time I spend in nature, the more I realize the significance of going inward. Amazing how it happens. To be struck by the outer power and allure of the natural enviroment, to see and feel the draw to connect to my own inner power, pure and unobstructed, teaches me, deep and profound.

Again, the cosmos pull at me. Teaching me to be aware. To listen. As Saturn moves back into my sign, like a dark cloud coming in, I've learned to embrace these lessons. It's time to buckle down, yet again. Interesting how it happens just as I arrived. Oh, the synchronistic events of my life weave in a way that I cannot even fathom. Hopefully, looking back, I'll see the grand design.

I can admit I'm scared. I can admit I doubt my strength from time to time. I guess now, I'm finally willing to embrace these fears. Embrace my darkness. It's a part of me too. I only give power to that which I ignore and suppress. This is how I understand it. The good thing, I have better tools to work with. A mind not as agitated.

In my quietest moments I see the higher work at play. I make the connection of taking these dark places and shedding light on them. And as the days become longer, and the nights shorter, I am comforted that in time, I will feel the light again, in all it's glory.

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