Vrśchikāsana B


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Christina said...

amazing!!!! thank you for sharing!!!!

any tips on karandavasana?? I'm working on that now and have a feeling I'll be stuck there for a while... :)

Anonymous said...

Great !

Have a nice time in Iceland and I hope you would have the oppotunities to make some more wonderful Videos.

With metta

peaceloveyoga said...

@ Christina - Ahhh. Karandavasana, such a challenging pose! Tips? Well, first manage the tightest lotus position imaginable. Then before lowering stretch long, knees toward the ceiling. Then lower, deepen the groins or hip flexors ...deeeep ...fold in tightly bringing contact with the thighs and ribcage. Lower all the way down. The whole time you are doing those steps squeeze bandhas and everything toward the center ... (squeezing the ass helps too, lol) ... when lifting think tail bone up toward the ceiling, feel the back arch a bit ... hard to fully explain the upward part ... more than anything ... practice, practice, practice. After all this time I STILL find it one of the most challenging postures ever! Good luck!!


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