"The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart."    - Buddha

Mysore, India can feel like a time warp. Once you return it doesn't feel like you've been gone long or at all. It's strange that way. The same familiar faces of locals met in times past are still here offering a smile and warm recognition. They never forget a face, and rarely a name.

David and I had a bit of drama in regards to finding a place to live. The apartment we booked wasn't what we expected. Jet-lagged and tired, we used most of our first day scouting out places and coming up with absolutely nothing. Sigh. The funny part is after while the place we began with started to look pretty spectacular in comparison to what we saw, so we decided to stay with it. Make it work. It's my new motto, and it fits the energy of India. There are some things that just work here and I'm left wondering, HOW? Coming from the west I forgot how attached I can be to perfect, pretty, little packages, and well, India teaches me something different. Relax. Make it work. Among other things. 

The shala is quiet and not as intense compared to previous trips. It's sooooooo nice. Things have changed and evolved. Many have opinions regarding this and so is life - life is change. Nothing ever stays the same. At the end of the day it's all good. It's a joy to meet old and new friends, and I've always had interesting - developments/challenges/insights - practicing in the shala. For me it's a place to deepen. Simply put.

My first practice back a flood of energy rushed in. Samasthiti. Entering into a devotional space, I bring my little part where hundreds, even thousands before me have. There is a synergy that takes place with all this history, and it carries me, like having my very own set of wings. There is the many. There is the one.

Every trip brings it's own vibration. I'm not sure what this one will bring. All I know is it will be exactly what I need. Already, it is turning out to be an unique experience. What needs to be done? Well. To simply awaken to it all.


In many ways I feel as if I've come back home.

3 Insightful Comments:

Tracy said...

and in my heart...i have never left~~

Unknown said...

I really love your blog, just finished reading the first page and look forward to more from India! Living vicariously through you....:) Om Shanti, Mandy

peaceloveyoga said...

@ Tracy - would love to see you here. But as always I know you are already in many ways! love to you.

@ Mandy - Thanks for visiting my blog. WELCOME! OM Shanti to you as well.


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