'Tis the Season


Winter has been in full affect for many weeks now. Somehow, I've gotten used to the frigid temps. It's all about dressing correctly. Then I'm able to enjoy it more. Seriously, I wrap my scarf around my neck like four times around. I've realized what my problem has always been in my winter days of old. It was that I always resisted it! Now, I simply find ways to enjoy it, and honestly, there is something absolutely lovely about a Swedish winter. 

Practicing in winter here brings new challenges. In a good way. Yes, I don't sweat as much or get as warm, but I've learned to add more awareness to what I'm doing as I move and breathe. It brings a whole new dimension in continuing on in the face of change and discomfort. I like it. I move slower. With more intention. I go more inward. Which is fitting for the season.

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Ursula said...

So nice to see all these places again. I've been to Stockholm twice, I love this city very much.

It's true. To practice in winter is different. It's possible to heat the rooms, of course, but it's not the same like practicing in summer time.
I think I don't want to use the weather as an excuse not to practice. It's possible to put on warmer clothes during practice.

Much fun. xx U


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