This is How I Roll


If I were to add up the amount of time spent on the train, subway, metro, or in Swedish, tåg, it would add up to weeks, maybe months? Hahaha. Not sure. At any rate, let's just say I spend tons of time on the train. I enjoy it. It's my time to center, sit back and listen to music/podcasts, read, tinker with my iPhone, and/or simply soak in my surroundings in route to my destination. Cars are so last century!

There is something to living in a city built for walking. Though, Swedes tend to be quite shy I find it endearing to be out and about mixing with people instead of being surrounded by steel and glass, in other words a car. No, I'm not saying cars are bad, it is just interesting. I rather like it, and it is the one thing I don't think I would want to give up if I were to move.

It would be nice if America could adopt some of the innovations and city planning that many European countries have adopted. I'm just saying . . .

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