"When you’re in love, make sure you love that person for who they are, not what they do for you, or what you want them to be, or do, or how you want them to make you feel. Love without expectations. Love without worrying so much about the future. It feels really good that way. And love all the people around you out of compassion. Love people who don’t know better. Love even people who are not nice to others, because those people are probably in pain. Find a way to fill yourself up and feel secure enough to open your heart. That’s when the good stuff happens. Love makes the world revolve. Put it out there and it comes back to you. And it feels nice."

~Sarma Meingailis (Author of Raw Food Real World)

I want to take a time to give thanks...even though I feel a bit scared and uncertain about what the future holds for me after my 5 month hiatus of yoga, travel, and self-discovery. Its funny how I get bold with myself and want to face every fear I have and tackle it head on...but when it comes...all I want to do is run and hide...at least I can laugh at myself. I guess I'm not as tough as I thought...ha!

But seriously, there is something I took from my trip that came on so unexpected...and that's a lesson in love. This is coming from someone who has often felt unlucky in this arena...and to be given a true lesson on what it all means is something I will hold dear to my heart. Even though I'm back home and broke...the experiences and lessons that have come my way make it all worthwhile. Yes! For once I took a risk. I exposed myself...opened up as best I could...and was shown what love is...and I'm not talking about roses and chocolates...I'm talking about more than that...I'm talking about being a channel of it...and damn, finally giving in to the fact that I deserve it for once in my life. That's huge.

So...as I sit back in Columbus, Ohio...scheming my next escape plan...just kidding!!! (wink, wink). I feel bittersweet. But, if I'm able to piece this one together...there will be hope for me yet! God Bless.

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Unknown said...

um...so are you still in love or do I have a chance?good luck with love.


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