A New Frontier


"I postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by giving, by losing"
~Anais Nin

I'm breaking into a whole new frontier...starting something new. I'll let the cat out of the bag a bit later...But, anyway...Before, I was feeling bad about starting over and having the sense of instability. But, I talked myself out of that real quick...because I'm gonna dare to live my dreams...and follow my passion...and before I could do that I had to let go of alot of junk...alot of stuff...and even though the ground is a bit shaky...I'm not gonna freak out. I'm gonna stay calm. I've been feeding my soul...practicing everyday, riding my bike, writing, meditating, eating healthy foods...just so I have a sense of clarity and focus, instead of feeding the fear, the worry, and anxiety with things that make all that worse. I've been given so many great tools, from friends, to confidants, to teachers, and masters. Now! Its time to put those tools to the test. All I need is focus and a big dose of faith...let's see where the chips may fall. Life is supposed be an adventure.

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Tracy said...

Life IS suppossed to be an adventure...and I have a VERY good Idea of what you are planning..but will wait and read all about it soon!!
Do It! Take the Cahnce.."Live Outside of the Box" as they say..what can be lost??? Nothing!
Tracy xo

peaceloveyoga said...

Tracy I can also count on you to pump me up and make me feel good about taking new things on...love ya!


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