Taking one risk at a time...


To live dangerously means to live life as if each moment is its own end. Each moment has its own intrinsic value.
And you are not afraid.
And you know death is there and you accept the fact that death is there, and you are not hiding against death.
In fact, you go and encounter death. You enjoy those moments of encountering death -- physically, psychologically, spiritually.
Enjoying those moments where you come directly in contact with death, where death becomes almost a reality, is what I mean when I say live dangerously.

Love brings you face to face with death.
Meditation brings you face to face with death.
Coming to a master is coming to your own death.
Facing somebody who has disappeared, is entering an abyss in which you can be lost, and you can become an anagamin.
Those who are courageous, they go headlong.
They search all opportunities of danger.
Their life philosophy is not that of insurance companies.
Their life philosophy is that of a mountain climber, a glider, a surfer.
And not only in the outside seas they surf; they surf in their innermost seas. And not only on the outside they climb Alps and Himalayas; they seek inner peaks.
But remember one thing -- never forget the art of risking, never never. Always remain capable of risking. And wherever you can find an opportunity to risk, never miss it, and you will never be a loser. Risk is the only guarantee for being truly alive.


When I read this piece by Osho it gave me chills...in a good way. Death is something I used to fear...and to some point I still do...because in truth there is an element of the unknown I must contend with. However, the deeper I delve into my yoga and meditation practices it becomes evident that we are so much more and that death is simply a transition of the soul...of our true essence. And, the experiences of love, light and gratitude is what we get to take with us...that is why it is so important to revel in these positive states of mind...and not get too caught up in the material...not to look badly upon it...but to know how to put all that stuff in its rightful place in comparison to the 'real stuff'...like love, connection, and compassion...and when we realize this...then we are truly living.

I have been incredibly inspired by something...after doing a 40 day meditation and writing exercise...the right stuff came at the right time...but, really through this experience I have become settled enough to break open my heart and sit with what is 'real' and I'm finding where my true intelligence lies...and that is within my heart...Not!...with in the antics of the mind. And let me tell you...that has been an interesting nut to crack...especially this noggin of mine! But, I'm settling with it all...no need to have 'control'...this can be frightening, but it doesn't have to be...I'm finding its just so much easier to let go...Cause...yeah...part of me wants to disappear into the abyss...I wanna forget everything that has been centered around...me, me, me, me, me...that doesn't seem to matter anymore...somehow...I dunno...its strange...this shift that's taking place. I'm really not all that important...what's important is connecting to something much bigger than myself...

One more thing...I have to dedicate this post to Poshia...my best friend's cat who died today of a brain tumor. I swear, you were the coolest cat I have ever known...you have taught me how precious life really is...thank you...

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