The Most Important Journey


"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls"
~Anais Nin

I'm a traveler at heart...its strange too because I love airports. I enjoy the vibe of feeling like I'm going somewhere and others are doing the same. Its that wanderlust in me that I know isn't going anywhere anytime soon...its in my blood...its in my soul. However, no matter where I run off too...or who I meet along the way...the most important journey...the most important place to connect to is with in. It doesn't necessarily take going off to distant exotic places to connect to something greater that in reality is felt deep with in one's heart and soul. That can be done anywhere...even in the most mundane of places. But, I have found that some places seem to have the environment of making that connection a bit easier than others. Sometimes that is just the way it is.
So...I'm breathing in my new life...and...I feel good about it...because its all about NOW...this moment...and being at peace with it. Isn't that what all this yoga practice is about anyway. All the hours put into experience pure...unadulterated being!!! Ahhhhh...there is no other place I would rather be...

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