Sounds Like Fun...Heck! Why not go for it


"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."
~Oliver Wendell Holmes

I had mentioned earlier about heading down a new frontier. And, well...In reality I am heading down many new paths, in almost every avenue of my life. Its scary and exciting at the same time. However, I am thrilled about a new opportunity that came my way. For the past several months I have felt a calling to enter into writing. With no experience, and having nothing even being close to being published, besides my blog, I wasn't quite sure where to start on this venture...but when one is willing somehow doors seem to open up. I came across a gig where they were looking for a fashion writer. Well, anyone who knows me...knows I love fashion. So...I got in contact with the company and secured a meeting/interview. Well, they liked me and hired me...and I have already written my first article. It was so gratifying to submit my first written work. And, I actually got positive props for it. So...just today I got the dates...and I'll be going to New York Fashion Week in February writing on the 2008 Fall collections, then off to LA Fashion Week in March, and Miami Fashion week to cover the swim wear collections. I couldn't be more enthusiastic about this opportunity. I took a risk and went for it...The funny thing is...They want me to do camera work too. I wasn't expecting that, but I'm always game. Always. New horizons are the exhilarating parts of life...and I don't ever want to take my dreams for granted. I got my practice to ground me...and my dreams to stretch me as I high as I will go. Sky's the limit.

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Ursula said...

Oh that's wonderful. Best wishes. Ursula

Tracy said...

WOW!!!!! Congratulations girl!!!!!
All I can say is...keep shooting for the never know where you could end up!
"Entertainment Tonight" (ET) anyone??!!! ANYTHING is Possible!!!
I am Over the Top happy for you!!
Love to you!
Tracy xxoo


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