Fruit I Cannot Name


Monday...already? Time has been flying by. Hard to believe I will have been here a month already this coming Saturday. Doesn't seem that long.

I've been enjoying teaching. I've been enjoying the students. I've slowly gotten into a rhythm.

My rhythm has been practice, teach, study...practice, teach, study...practice, teach, study. Not too bad of a rhythm to get into. Start practice before dawn...Teach a few classes during the day...and study. I'm attempting to immerse myself into another interpretation of The Yoga Sutras...among other things. And, of course, there are a few other random things mixed in there as well. Always gotta leave space for a bit of adventure, and whatever life brings to the table.

I enjoyed seeing Batman: Dark Night the other day. Went with Elephant's 12-year-old son...suitably named Baby Elephant...very cute kid...he practices his English with me.

Christian Bale was everything I could I've asked for and more. Hahahaha. Silly me.

The sky is so blue here. Especially after all the rain we received the past week. Hasn't been quite as humid since the typhoon passed...what a welcome relief.

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Ursula said...

I just discovered your pictures at YoMoPracMo. They are gorgeous. Wanted to tell you.

All the best and exciting days.



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