Waterfall in the Mountains


Yesterday morning I headed up into the mountains with a new friend, Frida. An inspiring woman with a great amount of depth, and sincerity. She's lived in Taiwan on and off for 3 years. Being born and raised in South Africa, I've enjoyed hearing about her life there...full of struggle, and triumph. Which admirably, has taken her to a place of strength today. I think we both came to the realization that we are cut from the same cloth. Too bad, however, she will be leaving Taiwan soon. An adventurer herself, she is off to Kathmandu, then India...to eventually make it back home to South Africa. A place she feels she must face again. She's on a mission. We had one of the most inspiring conversations. There's a passion...a destiny she feels she must fulfill. It's rare when you meet someone who you know you will hear about one day, because you can see it in their eyes...you can feel it coming from their soul. I'd like to go to Africa one day.

On motor-scooters we ventured up into the mountains. So beautiful. Jungle mountains I like to call them. Once we made it to the check point, it was a long and arduous decent. I even had a bit of a tumble. However, it was well worth it. Like coming into an oasis. No one else was there...only the two of us, and the roar of the waterfall. We didn't even speak for over an hour...we just took in the view in our own way. It was nice. When we finally did speak it almost seemed silly...why? Why say anything when you see such beauty?

I'm experiencing Taiwan as a hidden jewel. Not being marketed as a travel destination as much as other places in Asia, there are places like this and more, one can venture off to with little or no people. Frida told me she felt it was a good thing. There is much for me to see.

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