Typhoon Part Duex


"The Law That Marries All Things"

The cloud is free only
go with the wind.

The rain is free only
in its gathering together,

in its downward courses,
in its rising into the air.

In law is rest

if you love the law,

if you enter singing into
as water in its descent.

I take that back about the typhoon. It came through last night...and it raged, and raged...and raged. I couldn't help but feel a bit lonely as I lay there listening to the angry storm. It's in times like those when I wish someone were with me.

The next day I was told that it was a fairly weak typhoon...hmmmm...what the hell is a strong one gonna be like? I can't even imagine.

Anyway...after nearly 36 hours of rain and storm...I feel good...I feel okay. With my solitude, much has come up to the surface. My time here is turning out to be invaluable. Not only on the level with teaching...but for my personal growth, and experience. Emotions...stuff that I haven't allowed myself to feel are passing through...and it's all good. At this point I've learned the importance of being present with it...no need to run.

On a lighter note...I'm gonna see Batman tomorrow night...sweet...Christian Bale...whoa...do I need to say more?

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chasing rainbows said...

Hi LG, have you ever read Desolation Angels? It's where Jack Kerouac takes a job as a forest fire watcher in California or somewhere out west in order to investigate his solitude. If you haven't, send me your address and I'll send you a copy. The Beats were very Buddhist man before the hippies came along with their Hare Krishna and we are all one. The Beats knew that we are all one, but we are also all alone - zen.


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