Practice Makes Perfect ?


"With great simplicity. The greatest compression of time is NOW! The greatest compression of perception is innocence. The great compression of intent is LOVE. Just be here now. Do what needs to be done without hesitation. Don't add conditions that are not necessary. Don't invent realities that are unsupportable by your nature or conditions. Don't fix things that are not broken. Get to the point. Use what you have, including all your available tools, awareness, and talents. Honor nature. Be efficient. Facilitate a better 'fit' with in the whole for everything and everyone valuable to your life. Eliminate extras, trim excess, and distractions while focusing on or producing more of what you really want and value! LIVE! That is compression right here right now. It will take you back to the center of yourself ~ your own 'zero point'."

~ One of my many favorite excerpts from the book Love without End, by Glenda Green

Does practice make perfect? I say yes. But, not the perfect I've always known or aspired to be. Perfect in my previous experience always had the underlying unsatisfaction with what IS. A striving for some elusive picture that was invariably out of my grasp... something in the near or distant future. Something I felt I needed to BE, to be happy or fulfilled. Something I felt would complete me.

The paradox is that we are already perfect...experiencing exactly what we need to experience... and, yoga practice is a perfect place to experience this. Starting from a place knowing that everything is perfect. I've got my breath...I've got my dristi...I've got the most beautiful dance of postures to play with. Coming from this place has made practice much more inspiring...and isn't it funny, when we get caught up in the dance...everything we were working so hard towards seems to just happen. Those challenging postures have a way of blossoming, and unfolding.

I still have my frustrating practices from time to time...but even in the frustration there is something for me to learn or something more for me to let go of...which only help me on the path. Perfect.

However, accepting that everything is perfect, or as it should be, doesn't necessarily give us license to be careless or apathetic about life or giving away our deepest heartfelt desires. Just taking the needed steps in the right direction, being fully present and alive with each process along the way has much to offer us. I'm still learning this...still practicing...still learning to let go each day. I have found the importance of being fully alive for each new dawn.

But, isn't it when we let go...even just a little bit...we feel more free...more alive...more spacious for new things to grow within. Don't need more from the outside. Only need to discover more on the inside.

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