The Bowl Of Light


I love books. Seriously, I have a book addiction. Even when I tell myself, okay, no more book buying, I find something that piques my interest. It's endless. Better yet, is when the books I buy are intriguing, insightful and thought provoking. Makes it worth the purchase. Doesn't really matter from what genre. I wanna be stretched, enlightened, and to feel more human through the books I read. The most recent, the above, The Bowl of Light, by Hank Wessleman. A book that delves into the life of a well known Kahuna, or holy man, shaman, from the indigenous culture of Hawai'i.

I came away from this book affirmed the indigenous people of our world are truly the store houses of lost wisdom in our supposed modern age. Motivated by this ancient wisdom, and the way of life living in balance with the Earth, seeing it as a holy temple, while connected to the energies and elements of the unseen world, hold great fascination for me. I find it interesting how through the course of our lives and learning, we are pulled out of this wisdom passed down through the ages. Not only that, but the wisdom we inherently share inside ourselves. I think many feel called to reach back, while getting in touch with what has been lost, or maybe not lost, but what we have forgotten. 

If curious about another perspective, The Bowl of Light, is a heartfelt story of Hank's relationship with a Kanhuna, who taught him more than he could have imagined he would, when first encountering him. It gives hope, but in many ways, it woke me up to the power we hold within our very being and the mysteries that hold it together.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm a book addict too, which is a problem particularly if you're on the move a lot. I've bought an e-reader. Even most of the traditional Indian scriptures already exist in that format - will check out of this one does, too. :)

peaceloveyoga said...

Ohhh. I have a Kindle on my wish list. Seriously we are running out of space if I keep buying books at the rate that I am! :)


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