Faith and Reverence


"Asana will make the body light. Pranayama strengthens prana. Dharana purifies the intellect. Meditation purifies the mind."   - Sri T. Krishnamacharya

Practice takes on a whole new meaning when steeped in devotion. After while it leads one there. Recently, when reading Yoga Mala in the asana section, Guruji mentioned when practicing we should lead with faith and reverence. It jumped out at me on the page. FAITH and REVERENCE. A profound statement that brings a whole new energy to the practice if one hasn't done so. I mean, it doesn't always feel this way. When the body aches, it can be challenging to feel reverent, but also, it has a way of healing the ache. It has a way of alleviating tiredness and apathy. It gives meaning. At the end of the day, even after all this time of practice, there is no possibility I can claim to know everything about what it is we are doing, and why the practice has the affect on us as it does. Yes, science has tried to explain it. However, deep down the source we are connecting to is still a mystery. The unexplainable can never be explained. The outlet, being our hearts. Devotion. Love beyond the knowable.

Tuning inward with a dynamic practice such as Ashtanga Yoga is ultimately where the intention must reside. In many ways I feel this is the mastery to the design. On the outside it may look merely physical, however to maintain the practice over the long term, deeply rooting ourselves into devotion, aligning inward, beyond our little self, into the expansive sky of the unlimited, we are carried through the ardor. We find our wings.

2 Insightful Comments:

dassocmed said...

I gather the tattoos have some significance. What do the tattoos say/mean (I thought it might be faith and reverence going by the title of the post) if you don't mind me asking?


peaceloveyoga said...

Ah. No the tattoos don't mean faith and reverence, but they do essential lead in that direction. On the left is "Ahimsa" in Sanskrit meaning non-violence, and on the right is "Satya" or Truth. Great reminders to have.


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