Just So You Know, I'm Not Swedish . . .


No. I am not Swedish. I've poked around in the blogosphere and to those who have graciously linked to my site. I thank you. However, in a few places, I've read that I'm Swedish, and well, not that I would be opposed to it, the reality is, I'm not. Never have been. I'm American born. American raised. Pretty much American through and through. So there you have it.

Why am I in Sweden? Well, my boyfriend is Swedish. Sweden is a lovely country, with loads to offer, so it really isn't a stretch to be here. Although, Sweden is synonymous with long, dark, cold winters. Brrrr. Not really my favorite thing about the place, hahaha.

Anyway, I just wanted to clear this up. I appreciate all of those who have linked to my blog or who have even mentioned me in passing. I can totally understand as to why many would mix this up and think that I'm Swedish. I live here. I work here, etc.


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