We've been so lucky with the weather this Fall. Compared to last year this season has been pure magic. Hahahaha. I exaggerate, but yeah, it's been lovely. A true fall in Sweden is something I had yet to experience, and happy to say that I have. Last year I was bracing myself for cooler temps in late August, not good. This year, a shift. I like. I like very much.

However, what I'm learning with the extremes of Swedish weather is to do my best to take it in stride. As I enter into more darkness the fact that I must ignite my own inner light becomes evermore apparent. It's a challenge, but like any challenge, one that is worth stepping into. It builds character.

I often joke with native Swedes at how they complain more about the weather than foreigners. This is very true! I guess it's a bit of a novelty. It's different. I grew up with proper winters, so no novelty there. It's the darkness! That, in contrast, is what I'm not used to. An adjustment, for sure.

But hey, let's not get carried away. It all where we put our focus upon. There is light, and when it's light, even if only for a limited number of hours, it's beautiful. I live in a stunning city. Where nature and the urban cityscape are perfectly blended, and balanced.

High five Sweden. I'm gonna do my best to embrace the coming winter.

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