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As you go through life, you will see a great chasm. Jump. It's not as wide as you think.

~ Joseph Campbell

I've discovered bubble tea!!! Yes. I've been told that it was born in Taiwan. Love the notion that I can order a large to the equivalent of almost $1US...where if I were to buy in the States it would be around $4-5U.S..'s the simple pleasures that make life special.

Getting my second wind in. Yes. Finally.

I'll be starting some preliminary study of Chinese here soon. Not an easy feet. First, I need to get over the self consciousness of speaking the language. There is a tendency for me to feel a bit embarrassed to speak. What if I get it wrong? Or sound stupid? However, a good friend of mine told me that is all part of the fun...and the locals so appreciate the effort foreigners make. More than anything I'd like to do it for the students.

Over the next couple weeks, my new Taiwanese friend and I will be making a quick jaunt to Penghu. A small island off the coast of Taiwan...a beautiful place...with that laid back, island beachy lifestyle I so love. Should be nice.

Besides has been work, work, complaints however, I love it...and I learn something new everyday. What more could I ask for? I mean, I could be sitting behind a desk all thanks...or trying to get my expense reports turned in on time...again, no thanks.

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Living Away said...


i'm leandra from brasil but living in taoyuan taiwan.
i came to your blog by expat and i'm very happy about it!
for like 1 month i'm looking for a yoga instructor and no luck at all.

please could you help me to find one here?
thank you so much and congrats for your blog. it's amazing!



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