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Its been an interesting couple days...

Last night...Elephant, along with Baby Elephant (Still haven't gotten the 411 on where the name comes from), took me out to a hot spring/resort/spa, up close into the mountains. Talk about a great experience. It was just what the doctor ordered. I've never been to one of these places...but boy, what a treat. Taiwan hosts an abundance of natural springs. The minerals present can be healing and supportive to the body, mind, and soul.

At the spa there were hot and cold springs. I found myself going back and to to cold. Great for circulation. They also had this mud stuff you could put on your body. I made myself a mud mask...afterward my skin glowed!

Felt completely rejuvenated after our time there.

With that being said. We got back late. Or what is considered late for me. Only got about 4 hours sleep. Had a crazy mosquito buzzing around me all night...So, I was like...the heck with it...I'm getting up. Felt pretty darn good thoughts... get an early start on practice. Ha! So I thought. As I strolled into the studio and clicked on the lights in the woman's locker room, I received a pleasant surprise...

Right in front of me was the biggest spider I've ever seen in my life outside a zoo. Man! This thing was big...and it seemed to be looking at me like...what up. You can imagine what came out of my mouth. This thing looked straight out of National Geographic.

I don't like.

So I stood there for a moment...hemming and hawing...crazy to be scared of something smaller than me. Good thing my locker was near the door...just need to get my mat. Ha. What drama this caused me in the morning.

Practice...had a break through...crazy. Maybe big-ass spiders are good omens...

So after Mysore class I headed off to the body-worker/chiropractor/not sure what you call get my shoulder checked out. He came recommended so I trusted the credentials even though I wasn't too sure about his work. Like I've said before, I've been feeling as if something in my shoulder/scapula area has been off...and lately, it's moved into the collar bone area. Beginning in the shoulder blade it was starting to make other areas uncomfortable as well. My hunch was right. He said my scapula was out of alignment. He did a few, it felt good...and afterward...all better...amazing!!

However, a whole other can of worms got opened. Back to my pelvis...lower left-side. I've been dealing with this issue on and off for a long time now. Without me saying anything he sensed a problem there that still needs to be addressed. Yes, my left leg is longer than my right. We established that. Found that out last year in India. Not one western doctor in the U.S. could pick that up. And, Mr. Lin...did as well...but he also sensed old trauma in my pelvis that was throwing my body off balance. He said my left side was open and relaxed, and the right...tight and tense...and it was throwing off my internal organs...especially my digestive system. Interesting. I've sensed this a bit.

He did several adjustment on me...very gentle. Then, he had me get into a posture...strapped me in to hold for 25 minutes. OOOfta! (that's for you KR) first I was like...sure no prob...I can get into crazy postures and hold'em...anyway...I held it, but I was very uncomfortable. Nothing short of torture. Boy, I must be out of wack. I had to keep reminding myself this was good for me and my healing. Intense.

After all that was done, he gave me an exercise to do. He was adamant that I need to do it everyday...better twice a day. I strap my arms keep the chest open...turn my toes inward...and do these squats...for 15-20 minutes straight he said! I did pretty tiring at the end. I'm gonna have a pretty hard ass....but, I'm serious about doing what he I'll give it a go.

Also, he gave me some tips when sitting...and sleeping...I need to strap my legs together from time to time. Interesting.

Then he sensed other things going on with me as well. He told me I worry too much. Also, I harbor emotions of not feeling safe...or cared for...I have fears of not feeling secure or protected. He went on...and I almost had to choke back tears...there were other things the end its all good...interesting how these things can show up in the body.

Felt a bit raw after the whole experience. However, it feels good to have useful tools moving forward to make changes.

Talk about a flow experience...his office is right behind the studio too...Interesting.

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