In Awe...


Ok. Something amazing has happened! Not gonna go into detail. Not yet. Not now. I'm gonna keep this one pretty close to me...near my heart where it belongs.

All I can say is the flame started a year ago...and recently ignited even stronger with a dream I had several weeks ago. A dream...that came with a message.

Part of me wanted to hold back and let what I felt pass. But I couldn't...I just couldn' way...not this time.

And, with that being said, I could never have predicted what came next.

All I can say now is I'm a believer. Why ignore, or suppress the truth of what I feel? Especially, when given the gift of this insight. I'm simply in awe...and truly humbled. Everything comes if we simply open to it.

3 Insightful Comments:

Wayne said...

Whatever it is, so happy for you!

Tracy said...

you are AMAZING! isn't this such a Magical life?!! I am so happy for you, cause I just know its something wonderful!!
xxoo (my life is going that way as well!!) :0)so blessed~

peaceloveyoga said...

Thank you! Thank you! I'm touched by your well wishes.

No matter what happens I try to simply remember its all good. :)



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