All the world talks about my Tao
with such familiarity--
what folly!
The Tao is not something found at the marketplace
or passed on from father to son.
It is not something gained by knowing
or lost by forgetting.
If the Tao were like this,
it would have been lost and forgotten long ago.

I have three treasures, which I hold fast
and watch closely.
The first is mercy.
The second is frugality.
The third is humility.

From mercy comes courage.
From frugality comes generosity.
From humility comes leadership.
Now if one were bold but had no mercy,
if one were broad but were not frugal,
if one went ahead without humility,
one would die.

Love vanquishes all attackers,
it is impregnable in defense.
When heaven wants to protect someone,
does it send an army?
No, it protects him with love.

~ The Toa Te Ching, 67th Verse

Finished The Wind-up Bird Chronicle last night. It left me feeling a bit strange. I didn't get it...but then I did. Was a bit spooky. Gotten over the fact of expecting nice, concise endings to books and movies...

I enjoy having no T.V., what a drain on time and energy. What I miss...maybe just a little being able to keep up with what is going on with the election. Its an important time in American history right now...and I'm always amazed at how interested people from other parts of the world are into it too. The unanimous consensus has been for Obama, from those who I have spoken with. People really, really like him. Interesting. I mean, without being ingrained in a culture...putting language aside...and looking at it from that standpoint I feel they get a clearer picture of who these candidates are. Just my opinion.

Oh yeah...and what am I gonna do when Ohio State Football season starts? Geesh...we even play USC this year...big game. Oh well.

With that being said....I'm gonna have to pick out another book to read. Suggestions?

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chasing rainbows said...

Hi LG, I just happened to check your blog. Obama is on TV right now announcing his energy plan at Mich. State Univ. He wants to have so many hybrid cars by such and such date, he wants to release oil from the strategic oil reserve and to give every family an energy break paid for by the record profits from the oil companies (yeah - that's why I'm voting for him!) It sounds like he has a lot of great plans for energy.

Don't worry - we'll at least keep you posted on the outcome of the games. The Bucks are officially ranked #3 in the polls, but a lot of people are saying that they are actually #1. Yay! Go Bucks!


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