The real Tradition is this: the teacher never tells the disciple what he or she should do. They are merely traveling companions, sharing the same uncomfortable feeling of "estrangement" when confronted by ever-changing perceptions, broadening horizons, closing doors, rivers that sometimes seem to block their path and which, in fact, should never be crossed, but followed.

There is only one difference between teacher and disciple: the former is slightly less afraid than the latter. Then, when they sit down at a table or in front of a fire to talk, the more experienced person might say: "Why don't you do that?" But he or she never says: "Go there and you'll arrive where I did," because every path and every destination are unique to the individual.

The true teacher gives the disciple the courage to throw his or her world off balance, even though the disciple is afraid of things already encountered and more afraid still of what might be around the next corner.

~ the novel, The Witch of Portobello, by Paulo Coelho

Evolve. Stretch. Grow. Expand. Challenge. Set those passions a fire that haven't been ignited yet. Why continue to stay in one place internally?

This is what I've been feeling lately. There has been this urge to take leaps forward...and it isn't always necessarily something that is manifested externally. Even though there has been some of that going on. In crazy, beautiful ways.

One thing is this...Truth. That search for Truth...or really knowing, experiencing the Truth has been a strong force in my quest. But, it's funny how sometimes when we aren't really living it the universe has a way of knocking us over the head with it. And I had that experience recently. Thank God for these moments.

I mentioned taking a hike...my Saturday morning ritual. Well, I met a man up there...a Tai-Chi master, who prefers practicing up in the mountains for a greater amount of life-force present. Soon, I later find out that he is a healer. With one glance he intuited and mentioned some things to me that sent chills up my spine. Things that I have only known for myself and have never let on to anyone else. In the past year I've been feeling things that haven't felt quite right. He knew everything. Crazy. Right away I decide I will seek him out later. But, something tells me I would like to learn from him.

Another friend of mine took me to his place, where he works on people, several days later. I asked him what the process was exactly that he goes through. His answer was...I dunno, hard to explain...I'll work on you and we will see what happens. Ok, when I heard that then I knew...I want to learn from him. That simple.

It is interesting though. One thing I've learned regarding healing is it isn't necessary to come from a place of lack or incompleteness. To truly heal I need to step into a space of wholeness and completeness. What I'm experiencing, and feeling NOW is all part of the perfection inside the imperfection. No need to push it away or resist.

Life is mysterious. This I know. And when you meet someone at the top of a mountain, outside a Buddhist temple...at a time when open and willing to step into something new...you listen...you simple listen.

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