Life is amusing. There are little things that happen everyday that give me a bit of a giggle.

My alarm goes off at 3:30 am. Depending on when I turn in the night before, I either spring out of bed or reluctantly roll out. I always stretch my neck because literally sleeping on concrete would be more comfortable than my bed. Sometimes I wonder if sleeping on that thing does more harm than good. Hee, hee. No joke.

I get dressed, wash my face, brush teeth...all that stuff, gather a few things and make my way to the studio. When I leave my apartment and out through the lobby the front desk/security guy/whatever you want to call him...will be doing one of three things when I pass through. One...sleeping. Two...smoking a cigarette...or three...watching soft porn on the television. No joke. Everyday. Like clockwork.

I ride my motor-scooter to the studio. Pass a pack of stray street dogs and other randoms that are crazy enough to be up at this hour.

Sometimes I stop by the corner Family Mart...kinda like a 7-eleven...to pick up a beverage. I get the same greeting from the same guy who works there...everyday...like clock work. I have no idea what he says...but I just smile. Then I'm on my way.

I unlock the studio door...then lock myself in. I enter the ladies locker room...and sit in one of the chairs for a moment after I put my stuff away. This is one of my favorite times. Everything is so quiet. I almost feel as if the world is mine before it starts to wake up. There is something I've grown to enjoy about the early morning silence.

Soon after, I roll out my mat in one of the practice rooms after I open four windows. It's always four for some reason. No more. No less. Then I get to it after chanting the opening mantra. It's sill dark outside...and the silence is still present...a lovely way to start practice. I'm in a room...all by myself...me...the breath...the movement...and I get carried away by the energy with each inhale and exhale...

As the outer world starts to wake up I'm already pretty deep into my practice. Everyday a man walks outside clapping his hands loudly as he walks. Its left me curious. What kind of ritual is this? I've often asked myself. But then, if he were to peek through the window he would probably ask the same thing of me. Hahaha. Aren't we yogis strange?

Anyway...this is pretty much how I start each day...with a few variances here and there...

Once practice is done...I have about 15 or so minutes to get myself together before Mysore class begins and its only 6:45am.

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