Nothing Short of a Miracle


Since arriving to Taiwan I've had these little synchronistic experiences. For instance, like I will say to myself...wouldn't this be nice...or I'd like to do this...and poof it manifests. Never have I had a string of these come one after another like it has recently. It's been nothing short of a miracle. Little miracles.

Or, I've thought about someone intently. Maybe even sent out positive energy to have correspondence with them shortly there after. Interesting.

It reminds me of something a good friend of mine and I would say when these little events would come about. We would talk on the phone'll never believe what just happened...oh wait...yeah I can...of course it would!! And, then we would have a little laugh. Hahaha...aren't we cute?

Anyway. So many little things have been connecting in a fashion where little light bulbs are going off simultaneously. Strange. But still, the whole picture has yet to come into clear focus. No worries. No hurries. However, something is coming around the corner...I can feel it.

Getting back to the manifesting stuff. You know, I've been told that the universe doesn't judge how big or small what it is we desire. It's only in our limited minds that we put a hierarchy on them...our hopes and dreams. We limit the "big" as being out of reach...unattainable...or too then have the magic lost...the path narrows...our focus gets blurry. But, it doesn't have to be that way.

Sometimes I've had to ask how did I get where I'm this a foreign land, not knowing the language...teaching yoga? Funny...funny how life unfolds. But for some reason it was meant to be this way. It happened so easily. Unforced. It flowed.

I remember the day I met Mr. Wang in India. I was doing my usual walking in and around Gokolum inviting whatever the day brought. The small group I was with bumped into the small group he was with. We exchanged hellos. He had mentioned he had seen me practice, and asked if I taught yoga. I said yes. Then he asked if I would ever be interested in coming to Taiwan to teach. I kind of shrugged and said...Sure, I could give it some thought. I wrote down my email address in his notebook and then we parted ways. We never exchanged conversations after that day. Until almost 7 months afterwards when he sent me an email to invite me to Taiwan. Hahaha. I had almost forgot about our exchange when I go it. At the time, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I agreed to come...and poof I'm here...and I've been enjoying it very much...teaching's been a after another. I get the experience of passing along the tiny bit I know, about a practice I feel is special yet powerful. And, to be able to align myself with an employer who shares the same passion and excitement is inspiring.

A couple weeks ago Mr. Wang showed me the page in his notebook where I wrote down my email address. We exchanged if saying...funny how things work out.

With a birthday coming at the end of the month I've taken a look at the past year. Wow. Much has changed on the outside...and the inside. However, the inner part is where I've come to realize carries the most weight.

Never would I have thought a year ago...I would be where I'm at today. I shake my head at all the twists and turns life takes. It truly is an Adventure, if we open up to it.

Its funny though, the more I let go...the more things flow. Looking at the areas of resistance I've held on to has been a priceless learning opportunity. I've gotten to the point where I'm like...why...why do to continue to do this...or believe that? Why take things at face value? Why should I continue to think the way I do? Why not let go of the conditioning...what purpose does it serve me now?

It feels better to look at the world with a clear, fresh set of how a child would.

In reality however, to be able to trust the matter where I matter what I'm matter who I'm with...takes a huge leap of faith.

If I can do that...THAT would be nothing short of a miracle...

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