Walking Thru


Haven't been blogging lately because I've been going through a bit of a writer's block...slight dip in motivation to write...and other stuff phase. It's all good though. Sometimes to reach greater inspiration it takes doing nothing...nothing at all. Which can be a challenge.

Of course when I say "greater..." I don't necessarily mean better...maybe deeper is the better word. Ha. I'm literally processing as I write at the moment....

Another thing, is my sleep has been scant...light, and not so good lately. Which has put me in a strange lucid state. Ever since I've been doing this body therapy it has been like this. Another phase to walk through I guess. No need to over think it.

I feel as if various channels have opened...however, with being inundated with strong feeling...insight and other strange stuff...I've found it to be a challenge to decipher. Even finding a way to deal with it without getting off track has been a task. Just something else I need to walk through, I guess. No need to over think it.

A friend of mine once told me that sometimes walking off the path is part of the path. I like that. It's interesting.

The big thing is...something has begun to fade...and it has left me feeling...a bit...dunno...strange. And..strange isn't a bad thing...not at all.

All I can say is this. I have something, that I'm not too sure what do with...so I'm gonna sit with it until the answer comes.


I know.

It doesn't even make sense to me as well.

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