Big America


Americans are sooooo BIG. Yes. This is what I consistently hear from the Taiwanese. At first, it was a little funny, and amusing. But after while, I'm feeling like I gotta stick up for my peeps!

Yes. Over 60% of the American population is in the category of obese. I know this. It's unfortunate. However, I continue to tell people that not all Americans live on hamburgers and Coca-cola. Many really think that! Man. (Big sigh).

Also, we don't necessarily like ketchup on everything either. (eye roll).

The other day some of my students told me...we feel you are small for an American. Ok. Cool. Now I feel so much better about myself. Whew! I made the cut. But then, how do you define small for an American? I dunno if I should be taking this as a compliment. Hahaha. Whatever. Yes. I'm being totally facetious.

It's all relative. We live in a world of comparisons and standards. Who makes up these standards that we try so hard to live up to? Well...that's a topic for another day. Anyways...

Except! Only thing. I have these things on my arms that are quite alarming. Muscle. (Big gasp) Not always considered all that attractive here. Big deal.

I do try to point out that Americans are taller too. I stand a staggering 5'2", and for the most part, average in height in Taiwan. So, ever so tactfully, I explain that height adds to the American bigness. But really, who am I kidding? We are a pretty fat nation. Not being critical. Simply calling it like it is.

We talk about all this stuff in light, and have fun with it. However, it's amazing how perception becomes reality to many.

I'd love to tell my class...

Hey! I'm gonna take my Big American ass to the right back.

Only thing, don't think they would get the joke. Ya know. With the language and all.


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Ursula said...

And soon we Germans will provoke the same reactions. We are going to gain weight (in average), too. And we are getting taller.

Nevertheless I see a difference and this is perhaps what sticks in the minds of people. In the US are more really fat people, people who scarcly can walk anymore. On the other hand there are the very slim ones.

Here everybody gets fater. The extrems do not exist as in the US.

Oh no, now I wrote the same what you hear all the time.

Let me finish with a French word:
Vive la differance.
Good that we are not all the same.

peaceloveyoga said...

Hahaha. Nice to hear from you Ursula.

Yeah. I tend to agree. In America there tends to be extremes. Big ones in both areas. Where in Taiwan the extremes are few.

Interesting nevertheless.

Vive la differance !!

(0v0) said...

Chuckle. Yeah, they might not understand...

These third series triceps we're packing are really something though. They're strange but so useful! And, I'm beginning to see, beautiful as well.

Tiffany said...

HAHAHA you are hilarious. Can't wait to meet you.

peaceloveyoga said...

Right. The triceps...and shoulders. I'm telling ya I feel like I could play for the NFL...hahaha.

Seriously...I've witnessed changs in my upper body in this past year alone.



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