What Dreams May Come


You can plumb the depths of a well, but the depths of the mind are unfathomable.

~ Indian Proverb

Interesting. Since I've been in Taiwan I've had recurring dreams regarding an ex-ex-ex-boyfriend. Can't explain it. Don't know why. Somehow he's locked into my sub-conscious mind. Strange.

The intriguing part is I've had dreams about him in the past that were prophetic in nature. Like I was being told information from the dream realm that he wasn't willing or ready to share. Obviously, there is a thread that connects us to others that's clearly unexplainable.

No. I'm not holding a candle for this individual. Even though he was my first love. One of the few people I've ever deeply loved. A love based on freedom and ideas. Not expectations or ideals. Even though a connection is made, it doesn't necessarily mean we are meant to Be.

Whatever that means.

Why do we always assume that a happy ending means marriage? That isn't always the case. My idea of a happy ending is not giving a shit about any of it, while leading with an open heart, basking in the delight of each moment.

Not quite there yet.

Some walk into our lives and play a role for a long period. Some for a short time. However, I feel it doesn't make any one less significant.

Also, this year has been a year of purging dreams...purging in a sense of going through a phase of psychic renewal. Like things are being pulled out of me to make room for the new. Dunno. I'm no expert in dream interpretation, but this has been another running theme in my dreams lately.

Someone else has made a cameo in my dreams as well. However, I'm not gonna try and decipher the meaning. Things have a way of unfolding in there due course.

As I journey into the deep recesses of the mind i see that it all begins here. Exciting. Through observation. Through awareness. I step into a realm where anything is possible. And is.

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