Mysore Class Archetypes


Ah yes. The many archetypes that manifest themselves in a class. As a person standing on the outside it becomes an interesting development, to say the least. Even through a silent moving practice you find that nothing needs to be said you see it all.

Right now, I'm having an interesting exchange with my class clown. This woman. God love her. Has me in a fit of's almost not even funny. But, oh yes it is. It's becoming down right hilarious.

Any type of seriousness I present go all out the window. She has challenged me in a way that is interesting and allows for a new view. A new perspective.

I've literally thrown up my hands and surrendered to the fact that I'm not driving the bus anymore. It's been fun. It's been exciting...and during the surrender within the confines of the class everyone still gets what they need. Maybe I'm not making sense. However, observing a group dynamic is fascinating.

I've learned how to roll with it. It works, oddly enough. It's beautiful.

Today she told me she loved me in this motherly sort of way that was quite sweet. Somehow we've laughed together like old friends, and come to understand each other, so clearly, even though her English is practically non-existence versus most in the class. And, well, my Chinese is not too stellar either.

Each student brings a presence that allows me to appreciate a uniqueness and quality that can only shine through their eyes.

It blows me away.

Beyond any role that is played. Beyond the personality. Beyond hopes, dreams and desires. As the practice starts to take hold on to many of the students, I'm beginning to see the glow. The glow that begins to shine as they get a taste of what's inside.

To witness. Makes me forever thankful.

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