Closing the Gap


Follow your bliss
. The heroic life is living the individual adventure.

~ Joseph Campbell

Closing the gap. Yes. The gap. The space that supposedly separates me from another person. An interesting thing to contemplate. No?

As I deepen into something new. Or maybe a better way to say it, is deepening into a new way of perceiving. Viewing. Living. Dunno. What I do know, is the importance that everyday relationships hold. As I connect to my own inner voice, I see how every contact I make is an opportunity to close the to speak.

Some of my greatest teachers have been those who left me feeling frustrated and hopeless, just as much, as those who have left me feeling a deep sense of awe and inspiration.

In the end, it all starts with what's inside of me. No more. No less. If we are truly one. Then why conceptualize it. Practicing what this oneness means is where the real juice is.

Yeah, of course it's easier said than done. But really, it becomes simple, through simple awareness. Slowing down the reaction time. Maybe not reacting at all. Viewing a situation for clearly what it is, instead of putting it through my own prejudicial filters.

Interesting to say the least.

More and more, I hear the call to begin directly applying the insights and awareness that come about on the mat, into daily life. Why else do it? I mean, what am I trying to build here? Build the ego? Or, build a deeper sense of who I am, and the connection that binds us together? I mean really? What does it come down to? When you strip EVERYTHING down to the basics?

For lack of a better word, something has clicked, but in the same breath I'm still absorbing a great deal.

The experience in Taiwan has been awesome, and exciting. But, not only because I've charted a new territory externally, but also because I've charted new territory internally. Or, I guess it really isn't new at all. Maybe I'm simply waking up to something that has always been there.

Patiently waiting.

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