Touch Your Heart


III. 25

Joining the intelligence of the heart with the overflowing of the mind brings knowledge of the subtle or causal, the hidden or unusual, and the physically and psychologically remote.

To attain realities out of its grasp, the mind must submerge itself in the intelligence of the heart. According to the Hindu tradition, the heart is where God dwells in human beings. And this aphorism signifies that a divine vision enlightens the mind.

As long as the ego is an obstacle in the personality, intellectual pride precludes the necessary abandonment. It is only in renouncing the qualities of the mind, however great they may be, that the intelligence of the heart may awaken. As Saint Exupry so justly says in The Little Prince: "You can only see with the heart."

~ Bernard Bouanchaud - The Essence of Yoga: Reflections of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Taiwan. Touch your heart.

This is the tourism tag line for Formosa. Meaning, beautiful island. That is Taiwan.

My time here has gone by unbelievably fast. It's been incredible. The months have turned into weeks. Soon the weeks will turn into days.

The hospitality extended has been amazing. I feel blessed. I feel abundant with a vast amount of experience, giving space for new growth. The time has supported me in many ways. Hard to explain. Feels as if I've entered into something new. Expansive. Free.

NEVER would I have thought, I'd find a sense of comfort in uncertainty. I remember, not too long ago, this concept felt foreign. I didn't like it. I didn't understand. Now. I feel a deep sense of ease about it all. At least for today. Haha.

The part that feels incredible, is the feeling of realness. Whole and complete. Of honoring who I am. Of appreciating myself. Abandoning the judgment and self-criticism I used to hold. I can't say I'm cured. All I can say, moving forward, is when I come from a place of heart everything becomes more clear.

I've entered into a new realization of only taking on what is my stuff. This has been huge. I've had the tendency to take other people's stuff, absorbing their pain...even some drama. I pray, I will continue to have discernment, sensing what is mine, and what is not. There's no need to take on other people's junk. And, the good thing is, when doing so, I can be of better service to others. Amazing how that works.

A little over a year ago I got this inkling. This little itch inside my heart. Like a whisper. Telling me. Look here. Here. Inside the heart. Hahaha. I've had plenty of lessons on what happens when I decide not to. Boy. I've been through the school of hard knocks on numerous occasions. Good stuff, though. Wouldn't be at the point where I am now. I'm thankful.

For the first time, in a long time. As 2008 winds down. I feel a new beginning being born. Don't know what that means. Don't know what's in store. Don't care.

Give me freedom. Give me adventure. My heart and soul want to scream, as it soars into a realm of unlimited possibilities.

Whatever that is. Who has a clue?

That's what makes life so fucking incredible.

Wouldn't you say?

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Tracy said...

I sure would! You know, reading this entry made me realize that this year for me has been a year of growth and change and letting go as well....I remember being SO scared to travel on my own to India, but I faced my fear and did it and I feel so much more responsible for ME now that I have done that. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I love being alone when I travel..unless it's with my sweet one. But I KNOW now that I can do it and there is nothing to fear, but of course.. fear itself~ Good lesson. Oh, and about that not taking on other peoples junk...learned that this year too! Now I sleep like a baby at night!!!

(0v0) said...


peaceloveyoga said...

Thanks for sharing Tracy...looks like we're on the right track. Hee, hee.

Love that you call Ray your sweet one. Hahaha. You two are tooooo cute.



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