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You're packing a suitcase for a place none of us has been; a place that has to be believed to be seen.

~ U2

Two things. I'm a devil on wheels when haven't gotten enough sleep or enough to eat. You might as well call me Satan when this happens...hahahaha. Seriously.

Yesterday. I took a day trip to Alishan. One of the beautiful high mountain areas of Taiwan. As Mr. Chow says. If you haven't been to Alishan, you haven't been to Taiwan. So, I made sure I went and experienced. Beautiful. I love this island! Pictures will come later.

First we hung out in a quaint, little mountain town, and drank some of the locally grown organic tea from a local grower. I love the whole tea ceremony thing. I'd like to learn.

Then it was off to a coffee plantation. My second. We had to hike about an hour to get to it. With each step up the mountain, my blood sugar declined. I didn't eat breakfast, and the caffeine from the tea was wearing off. Not a good combo. However, once I made it up the summit, I felt good as I breathed in the clean mountain air. Took rest. Later though, my mood was souring. To make matters worse I kept judging myself. WTF's your problem? These were my words exactly. The hike back down didn't take as long. Afterward, we ventured to another area. Another hike.

It wasn't till we finally made our way to an awesome open air cafe, overlooking the deep Alishan valleys, near a lush tea plantation, that I had a proper meal. Finally the dark cloud lifted. Ahhh. This is all I needed. Ain't gonna do that again. Trekking up the mountains without proper food is craziness. How simple.

All in all, it was an awesome trip. So much to discover. I'm continually amazed and enchanted by this country.

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(0v0) said...


I was there several years ago over some Taiwanese holiday and there was almost nowhere to eat! We ended up having soup out of a vending machine that actually heated up the soup for us. At the time it seemed very exotic.

But Alishan itself... isn't it out of this world? Did you have a clearing in the clouds when you hiked to the summit?

I love all your Taiwan photos, but these in particular will be fun to see.

peaceloveyoga said...

Okay. I'm totally laughing about soup from a vending machine! Hahaha. Cool.

I didn't have a clearing of the clouds. It was so clear the day we went. However, later the clouds descended into the valleys...very beautiful.


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