Don't Look, Jump


Hit the delete button every time fear appears.

~ Wayne Dyer

I can do that? Just hit delete? SWEET!! Fear is gone.
Love the following quote by Tami Simon on starting Sounds True.
Came across it from Dhrumil. Can definitely relate. Good stuff.

People sometimes ask me if it took courage to start Sounds True. And the answer is no. What did take courage was to leave a situation (Swathmore College) that promised a lot of rewards that were meaningful to other people but not actually meaningful to me. It took courage because I had no idea what would happen or how my life would unfold. I risked losing the respect of my family, and I had no explanation for my actions. I knew I had to leave a situation that felt wrong to me, but I had no idea what would feel right.

~ Tami Simon, Founder of Sounds True

I think about what my yoga practice has brought into my life, and it definitely has allowed me to be more comfortable in uncomfortable situations. I can't say I've always approached uncomfortable situations with a state of grace. Hell no! But, I'm learning, and feel I'm organically headed in that direction. At least let's hope. Hahaha. Pray for me. :)

Nonetheless, and for lack of a better word, it simply takes practice. The more I face my insignificant little fears, and feel the love, it becomes easier to do. The lessons are everywhere. It's an embrace of being total in every situation. Having the courage and knowing that all is as it should be, all the while, walking through it.

The times I've done this, while in it, I felt as if I had lost my mind.

And well, thank God I did.

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