Let Go. Let it All Go at Once


And when the body starts to let go let it all go at once, not piece by piece, but like a whole bucket of stars dumped into the universe!

Sleater Kinney

Letting Go.

My theme for 2008. Hahaha. The theme comes at the end of the year. Guess I'm in a reflective mood.

It's cool though.

I like the analogy of a trapeze artist. You can't reach for the next swing, without letting go of the one you're on first...and...if you miss...big deal...there's always a net to catch, if you fall.

I've entered into something new, where I'm left to ponder... Is this my life? Okay. Sounds strange. But, I don't think I'm the one driving the bus.

Make sense?

There seems to be an intelligence behind everything. And, it feels better to simply line up to that intelligence. Why fight it? There's constant Joy trying to reach. That's why the wise say...Allow.

Allow things to flow.


Ego likes complication.

When I feel like I've gotta have control, something is amiss. Dunno. Don't have all the answers. Isn't that a relief. The answers seem less and less important. Who cares. They're overrated. Why get hung up on them?

Learning. Practicing. Practicing what I learn. Oh yeah! Laughing. I gotta laugh at it all. But, let me just say. When I do line up. What a fucking release!! And, the craziness of it all...is nothing needed to be done.



'Come to the edge,' He said

They said, 'We are afraid.'

'Come to the edge,' He said

They came.

He pushed them ... and they flew.

~ Guillaume Apollinarie

Which brings me to the edge. I guess part of me has always been a bit edgy. I don't like limitations. I don't like to think within limitations. Dunno. Call me strange.

I guess you can say my yoga practice is a bit edgy. The performance of postures is meaningless. Striving for perfection is boring. Boring. With a capital B.

But, what really gets my juices flowing, is when I come to my edge. Yes. The edge. Then...

I let go.

An energy courses through like nothing I could have imagined or expected. The body. The instrument. Is laid aside. For, who I am is the force behind the movement.

This is who I am. This is real.

I could explode into nothingness...and, it would worth it.

2 Insightful Comments:

Tiffany said...

Yes! Isn't it funny how we didn't even have to do anything in the first place. Well, I think sometimes the act of letting go seems like we actually have to work on letting go...as for the edge? I always have to cross it to find my boundaries. Clearly, this has caused me many problems. But, for me, crossing the edge and realizing how much ego I've let run me, makes me release. it's humbling for me. Where's the balance point? Who knows...

peaceloveyoga said...

hmmm. good points all around. :)


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