A Reflection


If you want resurrection, you must have crucifixion.

Joseph Campbell

I love how Caroline Myss illustrates the important process of reflection, contemplation, discipline, and devotion. Yeah. Its work. But, work well worth the effort. A cycle that brings us back home. I have easily tired of the masks I've thrust upon myself. Can't blame anyone for it. It is my own responsibility to take a hard look and realize the higher calling. There have been times I've denied it. There have been times I looked the other way. However, it takes too much energy to deny what is True.

The past year has broke my heart open on numerous occasions. Too many to count. Having one's heart broken, no matter the cause, is a good thing. Whether it's the parting ways of two who felt deep love, or simply being a witness to an act of kindness. It gives pause to what is real within. Whenever I get caught up in the game of life, I do my best to remember the constant that never changes. Never dies. This is where I will look for guidance. Before, I would look anywhere BUT. Crazy. I know. Hee, hee. I'm learning. Thankfully.

Deep in the madness of life. Thrust in the uncertainty. I anchor myself. As best I can.

Yesterday, I left Gangshan, a small town on the outskirts of Kaoshung, where I have been teaching for the past 5 weeks or so. What a miraculous group. From scratch, we blasted through the trails and tribulations of taking on an Ashtanga yoga practice. They expected alot out of me, and I did the same. Wow. We had many laughs too. Wonderful. Up and a way they flew, as they took hold of this transformational practice. Often, a class that was only allotted for 90 minutes, we would loose track of time, digging deep into the meaning behind it all, with my wonderful interpreter Tony, and easily 3 hours would pass by. How could this possibly be work? I feel blessed! Many times it brought me back to why I'm doing what I'm doing.

It tugged at my heart to leave the students, especially the couple who hosted me, Tony and Katie. What lights! So pure. So simple. In the end, before leaving, I tried to explain to them that the experience, and love extended toward me, was much more than I could have ever asked for. I expressed how honored and privileged I felt. Hahaha. They wouldn't hear of it. They felt they came away with more through the experience. Nope. I don't know how that could be possible. Let's just say we came to a draw. Hahahaha.

It was all I could do not to cry.

I taught them Ashtanga yoga. Little do they know, that they taught me about Love. What a labor of love it was. There is no better kind.

Honestly, I know nothing. Haha. Another great relief! And somehow, it all comes together.

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