Taiwan. My Favorite Things


  1. The People - warm, friendly, kind and generous. I can't name one unpleasant experience I've had with a Taiwanese person over the past 6 months. Not one. Not even close. More than anything I've been touched by the warmth and sincerity I've experienced with the people.
  2. Bubble Tea - Haha. I sound like a total tourist when I say this, but it's great. Truly. Bubble tea was founded in Taiwan famously. Actually it got its start in the city of Taichung. Tea stands are everywhere in Taiwan. I mean absolutely everywhere. I'm not exaggerating when I say this. You'll never be hurting for tea if you make a visit.
  3. Shabu-shabu - Ok. This is the greatest invention ever. I love it. I kind a feel like shabu-shabu is a meal and entertainment. Did I mention I love it? Also, named Hot Pot it's delicious as well as healthy. The best thing ever!
  4. The Beauty - I was pleasantly surprised by all the beauty in Taiwan. Mountains in the interior. Lush green flora. Beaches. Ocean. Natural hot springs. Waterfalls. There truly is much to discover.
  5. The Fruit - I got totally spoiled from all the endless varieties of fruits available. Many I can't even name.

This is only my short list. Funny that 3 of the items are food related. Overall, the food is wonderful.

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