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"If the Earth can be illumined even today by stars which disintegrated long ago, it is not impossible that the hearts of its inhabitant may be illumined, sanctified, entranced and beautified by Grace which emanates from a spiritual being vitalized long ago in the chronology of time. Like a charged battery, that spiritual entity can reveal itself, wherever there is available a receiving set attuned to it."

- Yoga of the Bhagavad Gita

Yesterday, I received news, and the Swedish Embassy has scheduled an interview for me! Already! Talk about fast! They've only had my application for a week! So, looks like we got everything in order when it came to the application. A total relief.

Things are moving along, and that means getting serious about learning Swedish. Oh my. The thought of learning another language sounds like fun. Like I'll be more cultured or something...but, what I haven't taken into account is that it's gonna take some hard, diligent work too. Not so much fun. Haha. With a boyfriend who has already warned me there will be NO talking English when I get back, looks like it will on. And, go figure, he has already warned his friends not to give into me either. Talk about tough! Could you imagine me sneaking off trying to get my English fix like an addict or something. Funny. But, I guess it's gotta be done. I wonder how long it will take to be fluent? Hmmmm. God only knows.

Once I get my mind wrapped around something there is no turning back. I commit. I commit with everything I've got. Call it stubbornness or sheer determination. Dunno. Kinda like when Ashtanga yoga found me. I dove in head first. So, I gotta use this attitude with the language thing. Letting go of shyness and the insecurity around sounding stupid, has got to be done. No doubt.

I love how Caroline Myss illustrates that humiliation. Yes. Humiliation is one of the biggest barriers to growth. Often we'll stop at nothing, from fulfilling our desires and dreams, from being unique or different, all because of the dreaded affects of humiliation. Interesting - and something I had never really thought about before, until I heard her mention it in an interview. Seems to hold true in many instances.

With all that being said, and the transient life I've grown accustomed to, looks like I'm jumping in again, full speed ahead...and for some odd reason, it seems like the most natural thing in the world.
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2 Insightful Comments:

Tracy said...

please don't forget how to speak english...what will we say to one another when we meet again?!!! ;0)
i think this is SO GREAT!!!!!!! xx

peaceloveyoga said...

Hahahaha...I don't think that's gonna happen. ;-) xoxoxox.


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