Often when I step away from otherness into myself, I behold a most wondrous beauty. It is then that I believe most strongly in my belonging to a higher destiny.


Feel so much better today. Got up and took a long walk in the morning. The weather was perfect...the air was crisp...the perfect prescription...fresh air and sun. Took my iPod with me, but never had the desire to put the earphones in. It was almost as if I wanted all my senses to breath in the environment.

So, I'm gonna use the rest of my day to study, read...and take care of some odds and ends. Need to put together everything for my Visa.

I couldn't help but put the definition of liberal on my post. How did it become such a bad word in our culture? A while back I got into a conversation with someone regarding qualities I would like in a significant other, and the word liberal was one of the qualities I spoke of. It kind of struck a nerve. Interesting, how that word comes off as negative. I don't get it. Its funny, those who meet me think I'm fairly conservative. I probably am with myself, and the choices I make. But, at heart I'm a liberal. Just another bleeding heart.

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